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In a nation as complex as ours, it is often tempting to judge our progress on the ...

The next PotterTALKS will take place on 24th & 25th October 2012

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About Potter Fellows
history, origin and purpose of Potter Fellows

In 2003, The David and Elaine Potter Foundation originated a Scholarship program for Master and Doctoral students at the University of Cape Town. The purposes of the Scholarships are to support students of outstanding academic achievement who have demonstrated leadership skills and a profound interest in the promotion of a civil society in South Africa’s new democracy.

The Fellowship believes that a strong civil society holds government accountable, enhances democratic institutions and the quality of life of its citizens and helps to strengthen and sustain economic, civil, legal and universal rights. Active members of society in the professions, economy, non-governmental organisations and institutions beyond government contribute to economic development and a thriving plural society.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to foster these principles and support past and present scholars in their careers. The Fellowship continues to contribute to South African society through the University of Cape Town by facilitating communications between its members in order to share ideas and pursue areas of common and professional and academic interest.